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Mission Micro Molding offers plastic injection molding choices in resin materials and mold bases to meet your exact need.

We can mold Engineered Plastics, Commodity Resins and TPE Rubber in one place…

Injection molding          

Insert Molding

Over Molding




Medical Molding

Small and Micro plastic injection molded parts for implants as well as devices and instruments for Minimally Invasive Surgery: Laproscopic, Ophthalmic, Advanced Drug Delivery , Vascular Devices, Catheter Components and IV Therapy., Etc,,

Electronic Components

Mission can use any materials including carbon to produce precision electronic components

FDA Rubber Molding

Superior flexibility to manufacture small rubber (Santoprene®) parts for medical industry.

Mission Micro Molding is professional medical plastic molding company, offer custom plastic injection molding, injection molded parts, rubber molding parts, in-house plastic mold manufacturing, we believe that early collaboration is the driving force behind product success. By unifying efforts with our customers and alliance partners; as well as internally, between industrial designers, engineers, and manufacturing representatives at the concept phase, a holistic approach to product development is achieved. This practice ensures that a multi-talented team is responsible for creating the best product solutions; solutions that take into account ergonomics and aesthetics as well as functionality and manufacturability from the very beginning of the program. Aided by on-site rapid prototyping services, lead times are expedited and costs reduced when these capabilities are used for design verification, marketing models, clinical testing, and even market-entry production. For Phillips’ customers, differentiating their product in the marketplace begins at our Design Development Centers in Wisconsin and California.