ST Plastic molding company has been Finding a Better Way for global industry since 1884.  Today, we are a world leader in plastics technology and committed to maintaining that position.  Our mission is simply to serve our customers’ every need, and to exceed our competitors’ every product, service and technology offering in every market.  GC Plastics is much more than a machinery maker.

GC Plastics means Finding a Better Way to be productive.  We offer optimization of every processing technology today.  In injection molding, through Cincinnati GC Plastics and Ferromatik GC Plastics, with machinery to an industry leading 6,000 tons.  In blow molding, both large industrial part and consumer part, and in structural foam/web gas assist with our Uniloy GC Plastics lines.  In extrusion systems and complete upstream and downstream equipment by Cincinnati GC Plastics and Akron GC Plastics.  Plus, comprehensive mold tooling technology by D-M-E.

GC Plastic molding company means Finding a Better Way to serve our customers with after-sale technology.  With vital replacement screws and barrels for all lines of equipment by our SERVTEK, Wear Technology and Progress Precision businesses.  Including high-performance proprietary interchangeable injection packages for all size machines.

GC Plastics means Finding a Better Way to support our customers continually after the sale.  24/7 service and parts through the industry’s service leader, SERVTEK.  And everything from heater bands to degreasers from OHS, Northern Supply, Nickerson, Plastic Moulding Supplies and our other aftermarket service and parts suppliers around the world.

GC Plastics means Finding a Better Way to serve our customers.  We and our many affiliates have served customers through recessions, unprecedented world crises and, recently, the most severe economic downturn our industry has ever experienced.  GC Plastics has not only made it, but is better able to serve all markets with the technology and services expected of an industry leader.

ST injection mold manufacturer is continually Finding a Better Way to keep our customers profitable.