For over 20 years large and small firms in the Midwest and beyond have relied on our vision to guide them in developing their key Plastic Electrical Enclosures products. Control Vision designed and/or manufactured plastic products have easily exceeded $100 million in market revenue over the past two decades.

Dreams to Reality
We are your on-shore, out-source, resource for mechanical and electrical design services, software engineering, electronics manufacturing, and injection molding. Our unique suite of capabilities makes us a one-stop design and manufacturing service house that can turn your concept into reality.

Freeing your resources
If you have a great idea, letting us manufacture it frees your resources, allowing you to concentrate on marketing. Staying on-shore with your design and manufacturing processes pays big dividends in time-to-market and you’ll also save yourself the hassles of communications and quality problems often associated with off-shore manufacturing. When your new product experiences the inevitable teething pains of it’s infancy – ask yourself who you would rather be working with – someone down the street, or half-way around the world.

Come to the experts 
We have designed hundreds of products for dozens of clients in diverse industries. We understand the challenges and pitfalls of turning good ideas into great products. Our design consulting services will help you refine your idea, improving your chances of not merely being successful, but of excelling in the marketplace. Whatever your product concept is, odds are that we have already designed and even manufactured something like it. You will begin the race with a head-start by teaming with us based on our incredible library of proven solutions. We can be your manufacturing partner in a variety of fields and disciplines.

Forest or Trees? 
A lot of firms can design a PC board for you, but Only Control Vision sees your project as a total product, not as a collection of components. Our vertical approach to custom product development means that the buck stops here. Your PC boards will fit the enclosures, and the power supplies will support the PC boards because we oversee the entire process for you.

Vendor or Partner? 
Depending upon your needs and budget, we can either serve you for a fixed cost as a vendor, or we can share the risk with you as a partner. Our production partnerships can help you shift some of the up-front development costs to the production cycle, saving you valuable money in the critical start up and launch phases of your product.

Design engineering services offered include:

  • Electronic circuit design
  • Plastic Electrical Enclosures
  • Printed Circuit board layout, design, and testing
  • Image capture and compression hardware design
  • Power supply design
  • Software development – embedded and Windows environments
  • Ergonomics, Solids modeling and mechanical engineering
  • Injection mold tool design and fabrication

Manufacturing services include:

  • Short and mid-run PC board assembly
  • PC board assembly test and calibration services
  • Integration and system assembly services
  • Plastic injection molding services

Industries we have served include

  • Aviation industry
  • Military and security
  • Medical devices
  • Transportation – automotive, railroad, and infrastructure
  • Food-services equipment
  • Educational systems
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Textile retail
  • Consumer devices
  • Portable devices
  • Communications

Products we have designed either in full or in substantial part include:

  • Tablet and portable computer systems
  • Optical machine vision Headlight aiming systems for industrial and service center use (patents held)
  • Manufacturing systems and industrial controls
  • Trailer light wiring modules
  • Turnpike toll booth equipment, including imaging systems used in identifying violators
  • Railroad locomotive “passcard” security systems
  • Medical laser system
  • Biohazard waste processing system
  • Automated food manufacturing equipment
  • Window tint testing devices
  • Cosmetics color matching system
  • Computerized cake decorating equipment (patents held)
  • Line scan imaging systems and high resolution digital imaging systems
  • Audio systems
  • Power supplies and power management systems
  • GPS position systems
  • Navigation and flight management software (patents held)
  • Lasers and electro-optical systems.
  • Satellite communication systems
  • Wireless devices
  • Desktop flight simulator systems
  • Windows and pocket PC computer software systems
  • Microcontroller based systems for environmental control, solar energy, motion control, management, textile industry, avionics, retail industry,