The medical plastic products resolution targeted on moving forward is showing no sign of slowing down. On the contrary, the different amount of research being put into the improvement of this technology in the medical industry promises nothing but expanding chances for plastics. As time goes by, there will be little development time and cost and rising of numerous new applications.

medial injection molding
medial injection molding

Advantages of medical injection molding parts

  • Tamper-proof capability by use of blister packs makes it impossible for risky materials to leak outside its confinement in a plastic container thus increased safety.
  • While metals would need a coating to acquire insulating features, plastics are naturally insulating as they do not conduct electricity or heat.
  • Medical injection molding plastics are much affordable to acquire and produce enabling medical practitioners to dispose of little medical materials like gloves and syringes after use thus decreasing the rate of infection within the hospital.
  • Medical molding plastics are largely affected when exposed to chemical whereas, in materials like chemicals, metal, and very corrosive.
  • While making plastics, antimicrobial stuff can be infused to help repel or kill bacteria on gear. The plastics become infection resistance and decrease possibilities of spreading of diseases.
  • When a transparent medical tool is needed, color can be withheld in medical molding plastics. Before machining, plastic can be compounded with the wanted color thus finishing processes like painting is not necessary.
  • Inventions of fresh devices like plastic pacemakers make it secure for people who need such gadgets but are badly affected by metal choices capable to get the medical assistance they need.
  • Matched to metal, plastic is much lighter making it possible to be simply carried and transported.

How medical injection molding help Medical & Pharmaceutical industries

In the medical & pharmaceutical device industry, the standard is of the utmost significance. With one’s safety and health at hand, liability and full part traceability – from design to end inspection – are crucial when picking a medical equipment parts producer.

Engineering-grade plastic resin provides amazing mechanical features, including high-temperature resistance, high tensile strength, and tolerances matching those of metal – all perfect specs for the demanding nature of medical assemblies.

In addition to decreasing part weight, lead time, material waste, and full cost, medical injection molding also provides superior design flexibility.

Some of the famous parts of medical injecting molding:

  • Surgical pre products
  • Diagnostic test kits
  • Dental X-ray components
  • Misc. pharmaceutical/medical parts