The Olayer lightweight powerful hair dryer with far infrared has been used by amateurs and professionals alike. So many people are raving about the benefits of using this product.

If you have fine and thin hair, you can use the lower settings to dry your hair. If you have thick and long hair, then you can use the higher settings.

You will most likely not need to use as many hair products once you begin using this dryer, as it tends to help keep your natural oils and moisture intact. The Olayer lightweight powerful hair dryer with far infrared comes at an affordable price for anyone’s budget.

Specifications & Features Of The Olayer HD2000

  • Has a freeze option that helps to make curls stay in place and last longer
  • Low noise
  • High power
  • 2000 watt dryer
  • Super turbo AC motor
  • 11.5 x 9 x 3.8 inches

Customer Reviews

One buyer stated that she bought this hair dryer some three years ago. At that time she was a reporter on television and she needed something to get her hair salon perfect in as little time as possible.

She then came across this dryer, which was recommended by her stylist. She said that she has never had a problem with the Olayer lightweight powerful hair dryer with far infrared in the last three years. The only advice she recommends is not to use the hottest setting in conjunction with the highest setting. She said that she did this and she started to have hair breakage and split ends.

She did state that it was a great tool for when someone is in a hurry. She said that she has shoulder length hair that is very thick and that can dry in about five minutes or less with this dryer.

Another reviewer said that this dryer is very sturdy and solid. She said that it is a little heavier than the ordinary dryers, but that it is also a lot less noisy and has a narrow barrel. She said that when she uses the medium heat setting, the dryer can dry her hair in as little as five minutes or less. She also does not recommend using the hottest setting.

A negative complaint stated that the buyer purchased this product a week ago and has been very disappointed with the results. She said that the dryer does not perform half as good as her previous dryer. She stated that the finish on the dryer was not comfortable to hold, due to it being so heavy. She also said that the buttons are not convenient and that it makes holding the product a bit painful. She said that she doesn’t think the dryer is worth five dollars.


The Olayer lightweight powerful hair dryer with far infrared can help you to achieve all of your styling goals. It will not matter if you have very thick, kinky hair or very fine and straight hair, this dryer will get you to achieve your goals within minutes.

There are many excellent reviews about this dryer, and many people agree that this is a very cost efficient dryer. It does not frizz the hair, like so many other dryers, and it can help keep moisture in the hair shaft. If you’re serious about your hair, then the Olayer lightweight powerful high speed hair dryer with far infrared is your friend.