China Machine Tool and Chinese molding company recently disclosed by the company sponsored the Tenth China International Machine Tool and plastic moulding Exhibition CIMES 2010 Beijing International Machine Tool Show will be held next June 14 to 18 in Beijing New China International Exhibition Center.

It is understood by the China Machine Tool Corporation has created nearly 20 years, the China International Machine Tool Show adhering to the development of China’s national machine tooling and molds industry , supporting the independent development of innovative purpose is to focus on foreign technical exchanges, trade and economic cooperation, business negotiation in one large-scale procurement of exhibition, has now become the world’s third largest international machine tool exhibition.

The range of exhibits will be all kinds of machines, tools and machine tool accessories, metal thermal processing technology and equipment, based on the expansion of the broad needs of manufacturing automation control and power transmission, as well as others such as bearings, gears and mold processing technology and equipment, and other fields.

Organizers will invite the machinery, machine tools, automobile manufacturing, military defense, aviation, aerospace, large ships, container manufacturing, transportation, oil and energy, hydropower, wind power generation, industrial electronics, railway locomotives, agricultural machinery, textile machinery , circulation, marketing, import and export trade and other fields of professional visitors.

AMT American Society of Mechanical Manufacturing and Technology Association, the British Association For Manufacturing Technology, Spanish Machine Tool Builders Association, the Russian Association of Machine Tool in 12 countries and regions, industry associations and government agencies will be organized into buyers will visit Procurement. Including Germany, the Czech Republic, South Korea and other countries and regions in the form of exhibition pavilions will be.

According to the exhibition will debut the automation technology, metal cutting technology, plastic moulding and mold technology, sheet metal technology, welding cutting techniques, tools, plastic injection tooling testing five focus areas of technology, the new logo, exhibits levels will reach or approach the international level, many new products, new technology will be released. China Machine Tool Summit organizers will hold a series of colorful activities. “China’s quality newspaper”