The Bio Ionic Hair Dryer is the first patented dryer. It dries the hair however it also conditions it, which is very important. The way it works is this:

THe natural negative ion energy has plenty of power to cut and break water molecules into small micro-fine particles. This is called atomization. This basically penetrate the hair folicles, which means that the moisture balance of your hair is restored as well as the hair cuticle sealed. Once the hair molecules are broken down and as kept apart, there is additional moisture penetrating the hair shaft while at the same time the rest simply evaporates.

Due to its professional makeup, the Bio Ionic hair dryer saves up to 35% of drying time versus the regular blow dryers. The dryer is up to 50% lighter and much quieter than the regular counterparts. Particularly efficient and effective this hair dryer is suited for using it on curly hair to blow dry it straight. While other blow dryers might damage the hair, the Bio Ionic simply seals the hair cuticle instead, keeping your hair undamaged and beautiful.

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It is very safe for pregnant and for breast-feeding women.

Some of its main features are:

  • Nano-Ionic Mineral Technology which emits naturally negative ions and far infrared energy to infuse moisture quite deep into the hair shaft in order to seal the cuticle
  • Adds shine and moisture to the hair while at the same time it leaves the hair smooth and silky
  • It dries your hair extremely fast without damaging it at all
  • It eleminates the frizz from your hair
  • It features a great shot button, a compact swivel handle and 3 heat settings
  • Has a ionic turbo nozzle
  • It provides with a removable filter and a hand ring, as well as with a folding handle to allow easy packing
  • It has a single voltage (120V)
  • It does not generate ozon emissions

Some of the Bio Ionic Hair Dryers come in a travel size with make them very convenient. They also come in a standard size.

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